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While national portals like Zillow or Trulia can be helpful, their data is often outdated or even expired. 

36% of listings marked active on Zillow and Trulia were no longer for sale and only 4/5ths of the active homes on the market were displayed.

Zetimates (Zillow's home valuation tool) are also notoriously incorrect, so much so that recently Spencer Rascoff, Zillow's CEO, sold his house for $1.05 million, which Zillow then estimated at $1.75 million just a day later, thats off by over 40%! 

The most reliable and comprehensive way to search listings in Denver is the local MLS (multi listing system) They provide the most accurate and complete data, updated every 15 minutes. In a market like Denver, one day can be all it takes to miss out on your dream home, so utilizing the MLS is a must to find those truly desirable properties.


MLS SEARCH from your computer

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