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95% of lenders in Denver will be Correspondents. They have access to many different banks and can "shop around" for the best rate and loan for you. They do not service the loan, which means they act as a broker to set up a deal between you and a bank (who actually loans you the money). Correspondent Lenders originate the loan and all the initial paperwork, but then sell it off to a bank who takes over the loan. They are mortgage experts and typically can help walk first time home buyers through the process.



  • Can work very quickly and typically close on time.

  • Ability to "shop around" gives them more options to find the best loan for you.

  • Utilize their relationships with banks and inspire competition between them in order to find the most competitive rates. 

  • Very customer focused and referral driven, which means they will be available when you need them and they are willing to go the extra mile.

  • Typically more creative in getting the loan that fits you best (not simply entering info and seeing if you are qualified like a Bank might do) 

  • Do not lend money directly, so they are a sort of middle-man to the banks who actually put up the money.

  • They have to obey blanket regulations called "overlays". For example, if Star Bank says they need 3 years of tax returns, then the Correspondent requires this across the board from all their customers, even if you end up getting a loan from a different bank.

  • Typically close on time, but may require you to "jump through hoops" like a bank would. For example they might require more detailed employee background, or require repairs be made to the home. 

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