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Gift Ideas For The Home This Holiday

It’s December and the Holidays are already in full swing. Although there might not be snow on the ground quite yet, the giving spirit is still in the air. Here are some wonderful gifts for your home, that will be sure to light up your loved ones eyes this Holiday Season.

While most people just refer to it as Alexa, the Amazon Echo is a hands free device that can help with all kinds of household functions. Imagine a sort of Siri for your home, Alexa can do everything from dimming the lights to ordering more cereal from Amazon. It’s a marvelous companion for your kitchen, as Alexa’s hands free interface can come in quite handy when your busy making tonight’s dinner. Although Alexa can’t prevent you from overcooking the roast, she can always order you an emergency pizza.

You may ask yourself why would I need a Smart Thermostat? But the truth is, Nest can actually save you a considerable amount of money. In fact this sharp looking little device will often save enough money on your energy bill to pay for itself (according to their website). Not only is it one of the hottest aesthetic trends in housing today, this device actually learns your personal preferences of how hot or cold you like your house at different times of the day. Keeping you as comfortable as possible, but saving power while it’s doing it. Nest allows the temperature to drop at night but then heats the house back up before you wake and does the same when you leave for work. Saving you money and keeping you comfortable…what a world we live in.

Now you can enjoy wireless control of your lights without having to rewire a thing! Simply screw one of these light bulbs into any existing socket and viola! You have wireless, Bluetooth controlled, dimmable lighting. HomeBrite brand and many other bulbs can be paired together to make an entire array of lights that you can control at the tap of your smartphone. You can save different lighting “profiles” to set the mood in your house just like a custom home. You can even hook it up to Alexa. While they range in size, style, and price, many options are still surprisingly affordable and can make a great stocking stuffer!

Ever got that panicked feeling halfway to your destination because you might have forgot to close the garage door? Don’t worry us too, that’s why the folks at Chamberlain invited the MyQ smart garage door. This smart device hooks up to most existing garage openers and has an app that you can access from your mobile device. No matter where you are, you can make sure that door Is shut. It can even send you notifications to let you know when the door is opened. So now you can rush out the door to catch the Bronco’s game and not have to worry about who remembered to shut the garage.

While Holiday Lights may bring a smile people walking by, homeowners might find it hard to smile when it comes time to pay the power bill. Say goodbye to high December electricity bills and let the sun do the work with these solar powered Christmas lights. You string them up just as you would normal lights, and then simply attach the small solar panel and you’re good to go! It also saves you the hassle of stringing that old extension cord all the way out into the yard and is eco-conscious. Just a win-win for everyone.

Who doesn’t like listening to music in the shower? Ok well maybe you havn’t tried it before, but trust us it’s revitalizing. You don’t have to bring an old boombox into the bathroom anymore, now there is a classy way to enjoy your tunes in the shower. Kohler’s Moxie shower head is an elegant looking but highly functional showerhead. The detachable Bluetooth speaker has surprisingly dynamic sound and fits magnetically right into the center of the shower head. The best part is you don’t sacrifice water pressure to enjoy the music either! The quality you’ve come to expect from Kohler puts this at the top of any audiophiles list this Holiday Season!

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